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The Complete Bootable USB Drive Creation Tool

Publisher: Pete Batard License: Open Source

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Rufus is the ultimate solution to format and create bootable USB flash drives. It provides excellent bootable drive conversion without the need to install it! Whenever you need to format your USB sticks, Rufus is there to help.

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Pros & Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the good sides and a bit of downsides of using Rufus:

  • Portable and compact design
  • Heavily functional, efficient, and quick
  • Multiple ISO support along with all the major OS support
  • Free and open-source
  • Minor errors during the bootable drive creation
  • Sometimes, the software can’t detect the USB flash drive

Our Review About Rufus

Dewan Farhan Dewan Farhan 16, Jun 2024
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As far as the initial impression is concerned, Rufus has always been a companion for me. In this age of disk drive-less hardware, a utility like Rufus seems no less than the wind in the sail.

I don’t waste time talking about the installation process because there isn’t any! Rufus is completely portable so all you need is to download it and that’s all. However, there’s also a standard version as well if you want to use that.

So, let’s focus on my hands-on experience with the application itself.


The interface of Rufus is pretty simple with only three key highlights: Drive, Format, and Status. While I may have used Rufus a lot of times before, you can also get onto it easily by just plugging your USB drive.

As you can see, my USB drive showed up perfectly in the Driver Properties.

Rufus Interface

I can also easily check other devices from the drop-down menu. One by one, I can select the Boot option, partition scheme, format options, and so on.

The interface does not leave any room for assumptions and it’s quite nice to have everything laid out in a simple fashion. 

Another great thing about Rufus is the ability to quickly format the device in case you don’t have it in the required format. 

Apart from Acronis True Image, Kaspersky Rescue Disk, and OpenSUSE LIVE ISOs, I did not find any problem with the image support. I did notice some issues while working with Chrome OS but it can be fixed with DD image mode so that’s not a major concern.

For ISO, VHD, IMG, WIM, ESD, or ZIP files, there’s hardly any better software that I’ve used to date. 

The most important highlight is that Windows 11 secure boot and TPM bypass can be instantly initiated with Rufus. However, the downside is that I couldn’t load the image on a virtual drive. 

Still, it’s definitely a great addition to enjoy the latest and greatest features of Windows!

Bottom Line

There’s no way I can’t recommend Rufus because there’s hardly anything like that. Considering the minor drawbacks, you can easily get behind after using it for minutes. 

So, download the software freely from here and enjoy creating bootable drives all you want!


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