The Complete Bootable USB Drive Creation Tool

Rufus is the ultimate solution to format and create bootable USB flash drives. It provides excellent bootable drive conversion without the need to install it! Whenever you need to format your USB sticks, Rufus is there to help.


Frequently Asked Questions on Rufus

All of your hard-hitting questions about Rufus are in one place. Navigate to what you seek and the answers will guide you.

Can I use Rufus to clone a hard drive?

No, Rufus is not meant to clone or copy a hard drive. You can make your USB drives bootable with Rufus.

What's the difference between Rufus and Rufus Portable?

Other than creating a rufus.ini by default in Rufus portable, there are no significant changes in both versions.

Does Rufus work on disk?

Yes, you can use any portable drive to create your bootable drive.

Can I use Rufus for SD card?

Yes, Rufus works with SD cards as well. You just need to select your SD card from the drop-down list.

Does Rufus support Secure Boot?

No, Rufus doesn’t support the Secure Boot option.

What is cluster size in Rufus?

The cluster size in Rufus MS-DOS or Free-DOS for FAT32 is 4096 bytes (Default).

What are the system requirements for Rufus?

Rufus does not require any specific hardware or software to run. From Windows 8 and above, the software is ready to use without needing any installation.

Does Rufus require an internet connection?

No, you don’t need an internet connection to use Rufus.

Where can I find more information about Rufus?

You can browse its official website, social media pages, and credible sources to know more. Moreover, you can scroll down to ask your questions and we’ll share the update!


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