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  • Version: 4.5
  • Supported OS: Windows 8 or later
  • File Name 64-bit: rufus-4.5.exe
  • File Size 64-bit: 1.4 MB
  • File Name 32-bit: rufus-4.5_x86.exe
  • File Size 32-bit: 1.5 MB
  • The 64-bit version of This software is scanned using 69 antivirus apps and the 32-bit version of this software is scanned using 71 antivirus apps.
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Rufus for Windows Change Log

Checkout what's new in Rufus for Windows Version (4.5)

This update brings several exciting improvements to Rufus, making it even easier and safer to create bootable USB drives. Here's a quick rundown of what's new:

Improved Bootability and Compatibility:

  • Better validation for Windows and Linux ISOs: Rufus can now check your ISO files for errors before creating the bootable USB drive, ensuring a smoother boot process.
  • Easier access to advanced options (for power users): Hold down the Alt key while launching Rufus to access the "Use Rufus MBR" option, useful for specific boot scenarios.
  • Fixes for Linux persistence: Creating bootable drives with persistence (saving changes made during boot) is now more reliable for some Linux distributions like Mint and Ubuntu 24.04.

Enhanced Security and Performance:

  • Multiple security vulnerabilities addressed: Thanks to Mansour Gashasbi, Rufus is now more secure than ever.
  • Faster ISO copying: Rufus now copies ISO files more efficiently, reducing creation times.
  • Improved partition handling: Internal improvements ensure better handling of partitions on your USB drive.
  • No more WUE nag screen (Windows only): If you're already using a custom unattend.xml file, Rufus won't prompt you about Windows Update Experience (WUE) settings.

Under the Hood:

  • Updated GRUB version: Rufus now uses the latest version of GRUB (2.12) for improved compatibility.
  • Always using the best NTFS driver: Rufus now consistently uses the reliable ntfs-3g driver for NTFS formatting, ensuring better compatibility.

Overall, this update makes Rufus more robust and user-friendly for creating bootable USB drives.